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United States
I kno this is sorta irrelavant to the art bit of the website
but then
at this web
thers this game
wer u can map maps and then play them....
well...i've made one
heres the code:
-18 1i 18 1i,r 51 1r 4n 2s 53 3c 67 2v 79 20 7l 10 7q 1 73 -d 65,-4h 7a -4f 8a -3d 97 -1t 9r -e ae t b8 26 c9 3c dh 4g et,-1u kb -c kk 1a kd 30 jq 4d is 5i ho 75 hr 8g j7 9s kl b7 ls c8 mj d4 nb,5s q6 72 r0 8o ra af rf ce rm e3 qu f3 pe g2 nu h1 md i1 ku j3 jf,ll of m7 ph ms qs ne s4 o2 tf om ut q0 10c rh 11r t2 139 uk 14l 106 15s 11p 16t 13c 17p 14v 18f 16c 18e 17o 17p 18u 16n 19q 15m,1b6 197 1cf 19c 1dt 19i 1f3 19n 1g7 19u 1hk 1aa 1j6 1ar 1kh 1bb 1lv 1bt 1ng 1ch 1p2 1d7 1qo 1ds 1sg 1ef 1ua 1f4 203 1er 21p 1e5,-1f 122 -2d 13i -3c 153 -47 16n -4v 18b -5l 1a0 -66 1bl -6f 1db -6f 1f1 -60 1ge -51 1hg -3s 1i0 -2m 1i4 -1j 1i2 -d 1hp k 1h0 1a 1g5 28 1f5 3a 1e9 4h 1dd 5t 1ch 73 1bq 8b 1b3 9k 1ab av 19j cb 18r do 183 f6 17a gl 16h i4 15v je 163 kg 172 la 184 m4 19a n1 1aj nu 1bt ot 1d9 pt 1em qu 1g4 s0 1hj t2 1j2 u5 1kh v8 1m1 10c 1ni 11g 1p2 12l 1qj 13q 1s4 14v 1tm 164 1v7 179 20p 18f 22a,18f 22a 19l 23r 1b1 256 1ci 263 1dt 26b 1f7 25r 1ge 24n 1hc 23g 1ib 224 1jb 20n 1kj 1vo 1lt 1us,1pv 1rt 1r7 1qm 1se 1pd 1tm 1o3 1uu 1mo 209 1lh 21n 1kb 235 1j7 24k 1i6 265 1ha 27o 1gh 29e 1fv 2b7 1fr 2d0 1g4 2eo 1gn 2gh 1hj 2i9 1in 2k2 1jt 2le 1kp 2ms 1li 2oq 1m3 2qg 1lg 2rs 1kb,2jt 1of 2l6 1p8 2n2 1p5 2ou 1oh 2ql 1nn 2s4 1mv 2tl 1ms 2va 1n7 311 1nt 32o 1ot 34f 1q2 367 1r9 37v 1sh 39a 1tg 3ak 1uf 3bv 1vf 3d9 20g 3f2 21g 3gr 228 3ii 22a 3jq 21t,3gs 28f 3hu 289 3j5 280 3kg 27s 3m2 284 3ng 28m 3p0 29e 3qh 2ab 3s3 2bb 3tn 2cf 3vb 2dj 410 2em 42m 2fn 44c 2gb 45u 2fq 471 2el 47i 2d4 47t 2bi,49m 2c3 4ah 2cq 4be 2dk 4cb 2eg 4dh 2fl 4ei 2gm 4fn 2ho 4h3 2id 4ic 2if 4jk 2hs 4kq 2h4 4m3 2gl 4ni 2ga 4p3 2fv 4qn 2g1 4s5 2hb 4th 2io 4u9 2jv 4v5 2ki 50g 2k7 51k 2jo,55t 2ms 552 2nc 53p 2nk 52i 2no 517 2ns,4rl 2q6 4sm 2qu 4u3 2re 4ve 2rl 50k 2ri 51c 2r2 51j 2qc,57l 2t9 564 2tg 54q 2tg 53e 2th,51i 2vk 515 30r 504 31d 4v4 31u 4ua 32b,1ks 22r 1ks 23v 1l5 253 1le 262 1lq 26v 1mj 27o 1no 28e 1ov 292 1qb 29m 1rs 2a5 1ta 2a9 1ul 29r 1vs 297 216 28c 22i 27d 240 26a 25g 255 271 23v 28j 22o 2a6 21h 2bn 20a 2d5 1v1 2eg 1ts 2fd 1t2 2g3 1sb 2gp 1re 2hd 1qf 2i2 1pm 2it 1p3 2jg 1ok,4d7 2i3 4cf 2it 4b3 2j3 49k 2j2 482 2it 46l 2iq 459 2iu 442 2j3,482 2kt 48b 2lq 490 2ml 49r 2ne 4at 2ob 4c6 2pb 4db 2q6 4ek 2r0 4fv 2rp 4hc 2sj 4ip 2t4 4k2 2t1 4lc 2sn 4mc 2sk 4na 2t4 4o3 2u4 4op 2vc 4pe 30q 4pk 327 4pb 33b 4ov 34i 4p0 360 4p7 37b 4pk 38o 4q9 39u 4rh 3ao 4sn 3b9 4ts 3bf 4vd 3bc 50q 3b8 529 3b3 53q 3av 55c 3ar 56i 3al 57k 3ae 58l 3a8 596 3b6 59l 3c3,5cd 3a1 5cc 3ar 5c2 3bo 5be 3cm 5ao 3df 59v 3e3 593 3e2 58h 3d9 58q 3cb 599 3bl 59o 3at 5al 3a9 5c0 39v,5iu 3et 5je 3gd 5jq 3hm 5k3 3j4 5kb 3km 5kh 3mb 5kl 3o3 5kj 3ps 5kf 3rl 5kb 3tf 5k9 3va 5kd 416 5kp 431 5le 44p 5m9 46f 5n8 483 5oc 49k 5pm 4b1 5r6 4ca 5ss 4de 5uk 4ee 60f 4f5 62b 4fk 647 4fr 663 4fr 67v 4fg 69r 4f0 6bo 4ed 6dl 4dn 6fi 4cv 6hf 4c5 6jc 4ba 6l9 4ad 6n5 49e 6p2 48e 6qu 47e 6sr 46e 6un 45d 70j 44c 720 43h 73c 42l,7ag 3th 7br 3sf 7d5 3rc 7ef 3q8 7fq 3p4 7h4 3o0 7if 3mr 7jp 3ln,7qb 3fv 7rl 3eq 7sv 3dk 7u8 3cf 7vf 3b8 80k 39u 81p 38j 82t 379,85o 379 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once u finish copying all that, somthing shud com up after u press open and enter the code
u can play it
its at this website:…



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